Yoga Journal Reviews The Yoga Sessions

The Yoga Sessions
by EarthRise SoundSystem
White Swan Records

When DJ Derek Beres and multi-instrumentalist and producer David “Duke Mushroom” Schommer, the duo who make up EarthRise SoundSystem, first came together, it was to remix a song by popular kirtan singer Deva Premal. The project, they say, became a mission to re-create what yoga music is. Here, in The Yoga Sessions, a 12-track CD designed to accompany an asana practice, it’s clear they know their subject – and their audience.

From the first notes of “Intention,” featuring singer Morley, you can feel your breath deepen. The tracks wend through a variety of rhythms and paces as you move into your practice.

Echoes of Africa, India, the Middle East, and other places where ancient ways still prevail lend depth and heart to the music’s electronic overtones. And deep, resonant bass is prominent. It weaves hypnotic patterns that gather and release energy like kundalini rising. But it’s Schommer’s earthy percussion that creates and inviting and indelible sense of place and atmosphere – the reverberating sound of human hands meeting organic materials.

Various guest singers and instrumentalists all add their color; the sonic spectrum keeps shifting. By the album’s last track, “Embrace,” again featuring Morley’s hypnotic vocals, you are well ready to fall into Savasana, deeply steeped in the yogic nectar. Alan Di Perna (Yoga Journal, October 2010)

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